Granite countertops

At Aux Pierres St-Roch, you can be assured that you will find a reasonably priced, custom-made granite kitchen or bathroom countertop. We do the legwork for you to find the best price on the market.

Looking for the perfect stone for a countertop, kitchen island or bathroom vanity? Torn between granite and quartz?

The major advantage of granite is that it is a completely natural stone that is cut directly from the mountain and resistant to scratches, heat and abrasives. A granite countertop is a great choice because it provides a perfectly flat and low-maintenance work surface.

In Québec, a wide variety of textures (veined, speckled, more or less smooth…), colours (black, white, grey ...) and finishes (polished, antique, matte, caress ...) are available to give your space character.

At Aux Pierres St-Roch, we provide an unparalleled experience that takes your countertop to the next level!


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